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Why are some schools so cheap?

Investing in Excellence: Why Quality Matters in Animal Chiropractic Education

In the realm of animal chiropractic education, the question often arises: why does quality come at a higher price? This inquiry prompts a deeper examination into the standards, support systems, and outcomes provided by different educational institutions.

1. The Price of Excellence:

- Exploring the cost disparity between various schools.

- Understanding the correlation between cost and quality in education.

2. Where Corners Are Cut:

- Examining the practices of cheaper schools.

- Identifying areas where quality may be compromised.

3. Comprehensive Curriculum:

- Highlighting the extensive basic courses taught by Dr. O and Dr. Amy.

- Emphasizing the dedication to teaching and learning, with over 14,000 hours of instruction provided in the last decade.

4. Continuing Education (CE) and Support Systems:

- Contrasting the CE offerings of different institutions.

- Stressing the importance of ongoing support for graduates, including mentoring and practice development assistance.

5. Practical Experience:

- Contrasting hands-on learning opportunities between schools.

- Discussing the value of students adjusting animals under supervision.

6. Building Successful Practices:

- Addressing the financial challenges faced by animal chiropractors.

- Introducing the core principles of Animal Chiropractic 101: creating sustainable and profitable practices from the outset.

7. Prioritizing Practice Profitability:

- Explaining the concept of "Profits First" in practice management.

- Emphasizing the role of the practice in supporting the practitioner's financial well-being.

8. Personalized Support:

- Highlighting the accessibility of instructors and mentors at A.C.E.S.

- Stressing the importance of ongoing communication and guidance for alumni.

Investing in quality education and support systems is essential for success in the field of animal chiropractic. While cheaper alternatives may exist, the long-term benefits of comprehensive instruction, ongoing support, and a focus on practice profitability far outweigh the initial cost. At A.C.E.S., we are committed to providing excellence in education and empowering our graduates to thrive in their practices.

When it all comes down to it, we answer the phone when you call. Our team is only here to support you. They don't have other jobs.

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