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Is Your Horse Worthy of an Olympic Class Medical Team

Even if sport is not your thing it was impossible not to notice the Olympic Games. Thousands of athletes from around the world competed and the United States had outstanding rewards in these games. Let’s take a look at the Medical team that traveled with the athletes. The US Olympic team made a seemingly radical choice in choosing a chiropractor to head up their medical team. Does your athletic team deserve the same care?

Veterinarians are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Every horse should have at least one veterinarian that can be counted on to help should the need arise. Horses are notorious for finding and getting into “emergency situations” on a regular basis. It is the job of vet schools teach public health and safety but very little about wellness and most are ingrained in the vaccination model for the prevention of disease. Traditional medicine is based on the theory that germs cause disease and elimination of germs is essential for wellness.

Animal Chiropractors are experts on how the nervous system of animals coordinates health in the body of animals. One aspect of health is performance, and this is the primary focus of all these amazing top athletes. Any interference to spinal function can impede the nervous system from functioning at its absolute best. When you look at athletes like Usain Bolt, who has used chiropractic for years, where the margins are fractions of a second you see why even the smallest impedance to function could make the difference between gold and no medal at all. In your horse’s work, one subluxation can mean ½ second slower. What would an extra ½ second mean to you and your horse?