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Is Your Horse Worthy of an Olympic Class Medical Team

Even if sport is not your thing it was impossible not to notice the Olympic Games. Thousands of athletes from around the world competed and the United States had outstanding rewards in these games. Let’s take a look at the Medical team that traveled with the athletes. The US Olympic team made a seemingly radical choice in choosing a chiropractor to head up their medical team. Does your athletic team deserve the same care?

Veterinarians are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Every horse should have at least one veterinarian that can be counted on to help should the need arise. Horses are notorious for finding and getting into “emergency situations” on a regular basis. It is the job of vet schools teach public health and safety but very little about wellness and most are ingrained in the vaccination model for the prevention of disease. Traditional medicine is based on the theory that germs cause disease and elimination of germs is essential for wellness.

Animal Chiropractors are experts on how the nervous system of animals coordinates health in the body of animals. One aspect of health is performance, and this is the primary focus of all these amazing top athletes. Any interference to spinal function can impede the nervous system from functioning at its absolute best. When you look at athletes like Usain Bolt, who has used chiropractic for years, where the margins are fractions of a second you see why even the smallest impedance to function could make the difference between gold and no medal at all. In your horse’s work, one subluxation can mean ½ second slower. What would an extra ½ second mean to you and your horse?

Chiropractic is about power, not pain and lameness. The power that turned two cells into the amazing mass of cells that is now your horse is the power that controls every reaction that occurs in that horse’s body. Chiropractic care is not about curing your horse’s disease; it is about helping restore normal communication between your horse’s brain and every part of its body. Restoring this communication allows the brain to resume appropriate control and guide the organs to function at optimal levels. As far as you can tell, your horse appears to have a functioning nervous system.

A horse with a subluxation will experience improper nerve flow to and from the organs of the body. Without this power, cellular dysfunction begins to occur. Cellular nutrition requires glucose and insulin levels to be in balance. Diabetes is a name for when cells and hormones are not working together to control and provide appropriate nutrition to the cells of the body. Inappropriate responses cause the cells to be resistant to the function of insulin which causes glucose and cortisol levels to be elevated all of the time. Cushing’s is an inappropriate level of cortisol. Metabolic disease syndrome occurs and causes severe debilitating problems for you and your horse. It is neurologic.


To get an improvement in performance and to function better on a daily basis, chiropractic care offers safe, fast results.


Chiropractic care has been proven by Dr. Ron Pero to improve immune competence in adjusted individuals 200% when compared to non-adjusted individuals and 400% when compared to individuals that were known to be sick. Studies have shown that chiropractic care may influence T and B lymphocytes, natural killer cell numbers, antibody levels, phagocytic activity and plasma beta-endorphin levels. The nervous system regulates ALL function throughout the body; the production of immune cells is NO exception.

When deciding whether to continue with chiropractic care for your animals or when deciding which ones to get adjusted it is critical to remember everything about the life they enjoy, they can enjoy with you because of their nervous system and the power running through it. An efficiently functioning immune system protects your horse from all sorts of bacterial and viral challenges.

A horse that doesn’t receive regular chiropractic care is left open to contract an opportunistic viral infection (West Nile) or has symptoms of a parasite that has entered the CNS (EPM). This leads to sustaining the cost of medications to help the horses clear an infection that those with a functioning immune systems wouldn’t have been phased by. Louis Pastueur once said that “In a state of health, the body is shut off from the invasion of Germs.” Being sick results in time spent recovering not training. It can result in increased injury and prolonged rehab time. Any medication can end up with side effects that lead to long term complications. It is neurological.

Chiropractic care is good for pain. The Harvard School of Medicine recently released a study that recognized chiropractic care as a viable treatment for pain. When your horse is consumed with pain it is difficult for him to relax and allow the sympathetic nervous system to do things like digest food, heal damaged tissue and eliminate toxins. It is neurologic.

A horse with a subluxated rib will experience an inability to breathe deeply. This inability to control oxygen and carbon dioxide levels will alter the pH of the blood. An altered blood pH will change the way the brain controls some bodily functions leading to conditions like gastric ulcers, kidney problems and muscle fatigue. It is neurologic.

Chiropractic care helps the body resume normal motion. When your horse has one area of the body that can’t move properly, compensations must be made in other areas of the body. This abnormal motion leads to altered function of the limb. If left uncorrected this altered motion can lead to tendon and ligament injuries and chronic joint changes. Evidence based medicine proves that chiropractic care helps restore a more normal movement in the horse prior to these career ending problems. Your horse’s altered motion is neurologic.

A mare with a subluxated pelvis will not be able to squat properly to eliminate waste products from her body. This will cause these products to pool in the vagina and enter into the uterus. Once in the uterus the bacteria that these waste products carry lead to inflammation and irritation. This mare will be unable to conceive. Once this inflammation cascade is turned on in one place in her body, it gets turned on everywhere, leading to a decline in her ability to respond to minor irritations appropriately. Her nasty attitude is neurologic.

Your horse doesn’t have to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from chiropractic care. To get an improvement in performance and to function better on a daily basis, chiropractic care offers safe, fast results. Begin assembling your horse’s Olympic-style Wellness team by contacting an AVCA certified, A.C.E.S. trained chiropractor today.

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