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I Don’t Think Dave Ramsey Has Your Best Interests In Mind; Animal Chiropractic Training your Best Investment

Updated: Apr 9

Are you one of the many doctors out there who really want to take an animal chiropractic course? Not just any course. They want to take The course in animal chiropractic, 

And not just any animal chiropractic course, but the course that will ensure you have the best results on the AVCA exam?  The course that will train you how to set up a practice that succeeds from the beginning?

Many doctors consider animal chiropractic an add on to their already busy schedules.  They consider that having more special items to offer clients will make them more attractive to more clients.

We train doctors to understand that adding more choices to their menu simply confuses their clients, and doesn’t make them more attractive.

For instance, if a client came to your receptionist to fill out a form, and your receptionist threw 5 different colored pens at them all at once, those clients might catch one pen.  And if it was not the blue or black pen, then whatever they wrote on the form might not be able to be copied for their records.

man standing next to a horse
Dr. Campbell learns to adjust a horse.

This is like offering clients a large menu from which to choose without giving them better guidance to understand how each choice can both help and harm their animals.

However, what doctors learn in Animal Chiropractic 101 is how to share information with their clients that allows the client to know if the animal is ready for a chiropractic adjustment.

Doctors learn how to evaluate their own work, and how to share that information with the owners of the animals they adjust.

Most of the doctors  on our list of “I plan to take a class” are waiting until they think they can afford it.  Yet they are still in a job that doesn’t offer them the opportunity to get ahead far enough to make ends meet.

Many doctors want to take  Animal Chiropractic 101 at A.C.E.S And the reason they want to take it is that it produces the most successful doctors out there. It produces doctors who go out and a  make significant amount of money but also help and support 1000s of animals. Adjusting animals in those  communities make those communities healthier, wealthier and wiser.

And some of them are hesitating because of current events. They're worried about things like my electric bill just went up, how am I going to be able to afford that and this class?

We have been told that this course is worth well over $50,000 because it solves so many problems for doctors who want more time with their families, more income to reduce the pressure of bills, and more clients who are happy with them.

Broken into only 3 modules, AC 101 allows doctors to focus on the three biggest things they need to build a successful practice.

  1. Vision - clarity in their vision for how to use animal chiropractic in their practice.

  2. Trust - building trust in themselves and with their clients

  3. Accountability for their actions.

One of the things we are doing here at animal chiropractic Education Source is making it easier for doctors to get started with their class and begin their practice so that they can begin to make money. We want you to be successful and because of that, we have created several different payment plans. 

Doctors who use those payment plans have lowered the barrier to getting started so that they can become that next million dollar animal chiropractic practice. Yes, I said million with an M, because animal chiropractic is growing and its service to people worldwide.

 Its service to people in your community is needed. Animal chiropractors are being sought after everywhere in the world, not just in the US, not just in my community: everywhere. How do we know that?

Because we have our finger on the pulse.

We hear from people all across the globe how happy and healthy their animals are because they're getting adjusted but also when we send trained doctors and they go back to their countries. They are super busy. They are looking for an associate within a year of graduating.

Because there are so many animals and so many clients who are waiting for an animal owner in their area to be able to adjust their animals. If you're a veterinarian, or chiropractor, you should have Animal Chiropractic in your practice. 

Why do I say that? There will never be enough animal chiropractors and I know you guys think well there's six chiropractors in my town. Yeah, and if there are animal chiropractors you'll all be so much busier. Why is that? That's just how it works. 

Animal owners want their services in a timely manner, but it doesn’t always have to be YOU doing the service.

I don't know very many dog owners who own one dog. 70% of the population in the United States owns a pet. And that means they have animals that would benefit from a chiropractic adjustment. What does that mean? That means most of those people don't own one, they own several and they're not looking for a doctor of all things.  They're not looking for a hoarder discount. What they're looking for is a better way to manage and take care of all of their animals, and they're looking for you.  These people want what is best for their individual animals.

They are waiting for you to go get trained as an animal chiropractor. If you're not sure that you can get started because you're trying to do that Dave Ramsey, save it all up before you get started thing. 

When you are doing the "don't spend anything until I have it all saved up" it creates a scarcity mentality. And that makes it difficult for doctors to accept the value of their knowledge. They think they are charging for time, or effort, not expertise. They have a hard time communicating to their clients the value they are supplying, because it doesn't come in a bag or a box or a little pill jar.

Even Dave Ramsey knows the difference between a liability and an investment.  Your doctoral training was an investment in your future.  Your animal chiropractic training is the next level investment toward your future, more so than the new diagnostic machine.

Remember this: 

Number one, you're losing money. 

Number two, your animal patients in your community are losing time. They don't have the time to wait for you to make that money in the slow steady pace that you're making it. They need you and they need you soon.

Call us if you don't know how to find our different payment plan options and we will get you started. We will help you begin the day you register so that you can be out there. 

We will train you to find those patients or make it easier for them to find you so you can serve patients sooner than you think. 

Or you can keep putting away $20 every paycheck toward your animal chiropractic training and in 10 years you will still need more money for tuition.

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