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3 Types of People Who Envy Successful Animal Chiropractors (A.C.E.S. graduates)

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Many people who love animals envy the animal chiropractic profession. In particular they envy the professionals, the doctors who become successful animal chiropractors.

Animal chiropractors might think that sounds strange:, let me explain.

There are people who want to be animal chiropractors. Many of them are animal lovers with a high school. They view the idea of animal chiropractic as within their reach, not like being a veterinarian which they see as being out of their reach, or requiring a larger investment of education and money.

This happens because animal chiropractic doesn’t require special equipment. Most of us are born with hands and arms, which are the instruments animal chiropractors who are trained use to make adjustments. And certified animal chiropractors make the adjustment look easy. They make it look effortless.

People in this category have a level of envy that often aligns with jealousy. They feel it is unfair that they are not allowed to take Animal Chiropractic 101. They are willing to pay the tuition, if they can get financing, or a loan. But they are sad that they are not allowed to apply to take the course.

Veterinarians and chiropractors have already done some very hard things to become the doctors they are. Taking an animal chiropractic course, like Animal Chiropractic 101 is hard. It requires discipline. It requires knowledge obtained during professional schools like chiropractic schools and veterinary schools.

People envy them because they also get rewarded for their work, which they make look easy.

Another set of people who envy successful animal chiropractors include doctors who have not been trained in animal chiropractic. In particular, many chiropractors assume that since they have learned chiropractic, they should be allowed to adjust animals without further specialty training.

Chiropractors are willing to take added training for many specialty forms of chiropractic. Some examples include pediatrics, sports injuries, and traumatic brain injury. These specialty certifications, while added training above and beyond their chiropractic training, still focus on humans.

Animal Chiropractors have moved forward to do more really hard things. They have taken over 200 hours of courses, learned the anatomy of several different species and understand how unsafe it can be for both the animal and the human sometimes when animals get adjusted.

Chiropractors may understand the adjustment. However they don’t have the efficiency to adjust an animal in the time that makes it profitable. They also must learn through trial and error from patient to patient. This takes a lot of time. Often they are not making enough money to create a successful animal chiropractic practice.

The third group of people who envy successful animal chiropractors are not veterinarians as you might imagine. There are some veterinarians in the third group of people who envy successful animal chiropractors.

Veterinarians often have such a full schedule they don’t have time to be envious of other professions. They already see animal patients daily. Many veterinarians are overwhelmed with the work in a way that they often overlook the choice of animal chiropractic training. When veterinarians don’t understand that animal chiropractic treats the whole animal in a way that includes veterinary medical knowledge, they don’t consider animal chiropractic a choice they might make to gain more satisfaction in their practice.

The third group of people who envy successful animal chiropractors include those doctors who are animal chiropractors, however they were not trained as A.C.E.S. This group includes both chiropractors and veterinarians.

Why do these doctors envy A.C.E.S. grads? They would like to think that their animal chiropractic training was equal to the training that A.C.E.S students attain. It appears from the outside that all animal chiropractic training is similar. The schools that are approved by the AVCA must all meet the same criteria to be approved, and have their students accepted as candidates for the ACCC exam.

These doctors also are likely to be AVCA certified. This means they have also done some very difficult things. They have spent a lot of money, and devoted time to learning new material.

The two ways they envy of A.C.E.S. grads are 1) A.C.E.S. grads are more efficient in their adjusting skills when they graduate from AC 101, so they make more money and 2) A.C.E.S. grads have business mentoring both during class and after graduation.

Education is always expensive. It is expensive when tuition is paid to learn a new set of information. It is more expensive in time and setbacks when it is achieved through trial and error.

A.C.E.S graduates may seem to pay a premium for their tuition, but they recover it faster than any other animal chiropractic graduate.

This not only makes them enviable. It makes them a shining example for other animal chiropractors.

A.C.E.S. graduates are also very generous to other animal chiropractors. They recognize that when all animal chiropractors learn what they know, animals everywhere will have better lives. For those doctors who continue to struggle after graduation, Animal Chiropractic Education Source offers many courses to support them, help them become more efficient in their work and trains them to build successful animal chiropractic practices through continuing education, coaching and seminars.

If you're a veterinarian or a chiropractor who has yet to add animal chiropractic to your practice and want to be the envy of all those around you, find us today at where our team will train you to build a profitable animal

Chiropractic practice. We want our animal chiropractic graduates to make a good living. We want them to make significant income and they can do that by serving their community, serving patients and clients so that they can have happier healthier lives. It makes everyone in that community healthier, wealthier and wiser.

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