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Animal Chiropractic School

Mom Scholarship

Exclusive Scholarship for busy moms!

Animal Chiropractic School

If you are Dr. Mom, Dr. S needs your help. 
Dr. S wants to be an animal chiropractor. Dr. S also wants a family/baby.
Some people can have both, but Dr S can only have one.

Dr. S had been planning for years to become an animal chiropractor.  Finally last month she bit the bullet and registered so she could start that part of her life. Her plans were to complete the course before beginning her family.  She felt called to be there for animals.

Then, unexpectedly, another wonderful thing happened in her life.

Her appointment for fertility treatment so she could begin her family was moved up several months.  She had been waiting for this miracle for several years as well.  

It was either put off fertility or drop out of class.  It was one of the hardest choices she had to make.

She had been working at building a family and waiting for this miracle for 6 years.  This seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Her calling to help animals and their owners won’t be lost if you accept your calling, and her generous offer.  

Lots of Dr. Moms have this professional confusion.  She is solving it for you.

She is using her tuition to set up a new scholarship fund for other moms who are struggling between family and profession.  

Animal Chiropractic School

✅  There are Dr.  Moms out there who are working too much.

✅  There are Dr. Moms out there who want to set up their own hours, their own rules, and their salaries.

✅  There are Dr. Moms out there not making enough at their jobs to pay their bills.

✅  There are Dr. Moms who want to help animals.

Building a successful animal chiropractic practice will help these doctors solve professional confusion.

Giving them a scholarship will help them start NOW, instead of waiting for years.

Help Dr. S to be a part of more happy endings than just her own.


To apply for the Dr. S Scholarship, 

  • Fill out the scholarship form, and talk with an A.C.E.S. instructor if you have questions.

  • Register within the week and begin classes on the same day.

  • Attend the first lab weekend during the next 4 months.

  • There are only 8 scholarships.  

  • They are worth $850 each.  

  • Talk with us about payment plans.

Animal Chiropractic School

Did you know that new Moms have brought their babies to lab weekend?


They also bring with them a care-taker so they can be with their baby during breaks.  Not a recommended option, but many Moms have done this so they could finish the course in the time they have set aside to balance work and family life.  They understand that their future is their present.

Terms: must accept refund policy and complete the first Module within 4 months of registration. Achieve your dream by helping another doctor achieve hers.

Mom Application

Animal Chiropractic Education Source

(New Mom Scholarships)

Animal Chiropractic School

Ready to Take Your Practice to the Next Level?

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