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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

Military Scholarship

Exclusive Scholarship for Military Members and Veterans!

Animal Chiropractic School

Was the G.I. bill the only way you could have gone to veterinary school or chiropractic school?
That means you have a true sense of dedication to becoming a doctor. 
Having been in the military also means you can set goals and achieve them.

Now that you are a doctor, are you thinking of adding animal chiropractic to your work?

We would love to help.

While we are not the kind of school that can offer the G.I. bill, A.C.E.S. has a special scholarship just for you.
We know you are always looking to be something more.
Being a soldier is not an easy job, but is a job to be proud of.

Being an animal chiropractor, at A.C.E.S. helps doctors realize they can do more than they ever thought possible.

To help doctors who have been in the military, A.C.E.S. is offering a special scholarship.

Students who apply will receive notice within 48 hours of submitting their application.

Registration for class can be done with the A.C.E.S. payment plans.

Be the animal chiropractor others respect and admire.

✅  Fill out the scholarship form today.

✅  Register for class as soon as the ink dries.

✅  Get certified.

Stop feeling you are being paid for being a warm body at work.


Be the sought after doctor who knows how to build a successful animal chiropractic practice.


To apply for the Military Scholarship, 

  • Fill out the scholarship form, and talk with an A.C.E.S. instructor if you have questions.

  • Register within the week and begin classes on the same day.

  • Attend the first lab weekend during the next 4 months.

  • There are only 8 scholarships.  

  • They are worth $700 each.  

  • Talk with us about payment plans.

Animal Chiropractic School
Animal Chiropractic School

Terms: Must accept refund policy and complete the first Module within 4 months of registration.

Military Application

Animal Chiropractic Education Source

(Military Scholarships)

Animal Chiropractic School

Ready to Take Your Practice to the Next Level?

Fill out Your Military Scholarship Form Below:

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