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Associate Scholarship

Exclusive Scholarship for associates!

Animal Chiropractic School

Be the new associate who arrives with plan in hand, able to attract new clients and bring in more income.

Are you tired of having to constantly prove yourself, jump through hoops, earn more respect after all you have already accomplished?

As a practice owner, you might also be tired of having to teach your new associates how to work in the trenches?

Do you find it hard to pay associates who can’t attract new clients?
As an associate, are you tired of feeling no one seems to trust or respect your worth for what you know?

Dr. M has a ton of schooling.  She understands both what it is like to be an associate and an owner.

She wants to help associate doctors find their special place.  She is tired of doctors having to work to get to a new position, only to have to work more to prove themselves.

Dr. M wants to help associates who are driven to succeed in their positions.  She wants to help them have more to bring to the table to help their practice owners, and through animal chiropractic at ACES to learn how to grow a practice.  This will almost guarantee they have the income they deserve.

That is why she created the Associate Scholarship Fund. This fund awards qualified associate doctors $650 toward their Animal Chiropractic 101 tuition.

Animal Chiropractic College

✅  Fill out the scholarship form today.

✅  Register for class as soon as the ink dries.

✅  Get certified.

Stop feeling you are being paid for being a warm body at work.


The lowly associate who gets all the grunt work.


Be the sought after doctor who knows how to build a successful animal chiropractic practice.


To apply for the Dr. S Scholarship, 

  • Fill out the scholarship form, and talk with an A.C.E.S. instructor if you have questions.

  • Register within the week and begin classes on the same day.

  • Attend the first lab weekend during the next 4 months.

  • There are only 8 scholarships.  

  • They are worth $650 each.  

  • Talk with us about payment plans.

Animal Chiropractic School

Terms: must accept refund policy and complete the first Module within 4 months of registration. Achieve your dream by helping another doctor achieve hers.

Associate Application

Animal Chiropractic Education Source

(New Associate Scholarships)

Animal Chiropractic School

Ready to Take Your Practice to the Next Level?

Fill out Your Associate Scholarship Form Below:

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