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New Scholarships

Animal Chiropractic Education Source


Animal Chiropractic School

A.C.E.S. is dedicated to creating the most successful animal chiropractors.

We have expanded our scholarship awards. In the past scholarships have been awarded based on demographics as determined by the scholarship host. 

Our current scholarship program is based on merit and evidence of potential success.

Take the time to fill out the Scholarship application.

Fill out Your Scholarship Form Below: 👇

You will be competing with doctors who will be a part of your class and peer group.  They will contribute to how you show up as a leader in your community.

The new scholarship program is exclusively for new Animal Chiropractic 101 applicants.  Doctors who have already registered are already on their way to growing a practice.  They didn’t miss out on anything - they started first and are moving toward their Million Dollar Animal Chiropractic Practice.

Scholarships are awarded at the time of registration.  When a student elects to use a payment plan, the scholarship is distributed throughout the plan, not in one lump sum.

Scholarships are judged on the applicant’s ability to show leadership, determination, and dedication.

Awards range from $650 to $1000.  We reserve the right to not award a scholarship to those who do not meet the level of dedication to the profession as determined by the Scholarship Committee.

Ready to Take Your Practice to the Next Level?

Fill out Your Scholarship Form Below: 👇

We provide cutting-edge education to doctors, animal owners, and animal consumers to reduce the use of drugs and environmental toxins in food sources.

Let's Take Your Practice to the Next Level!

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